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Marjolein Dieperink

Marjolein is endowed professor in the chair ‘Climate Change and Energy Transition’ at the law faculty of VU University Amsterdam. Her work focuses on private investments in projects required for a carbon-neutral society, within public frameworks. This is her inaugural lecture.

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Cynthia Williams

Cynthia A. Williams is a Professor of U.S. Corporate and Securities law at the VU, and senior scholar at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto. Her work emphasizes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosure, and the obligations of directors and officers to incorporate climate change into their strategies, oversight, and disclosure.

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Tim Bleeker

Tim Bleeker is assistant professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and coordinator of the LLM programme International Business Law: Climate Change and Corporations’. His research focuses on environmental law, climate change liability, public interest litigation and the remedy of injunctive relief. Tim wrote a PhD thesis on directors’ liability for environmental damage.

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Wolf Sauter

Wolf Sauter is professor of law markets and behavior at the VU and a member of the sustainability team at the Authority for consumers and markets (ACM). His research interests include the application of the competition and state aid rules (and related rules like the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism) to sustainability and climate change in the EU and beyond.

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Gareth Davies

Gareth Davies is professor of EU-law at the Vrije Universiteit. He writes on geoengineering (climate engineering) and climate change. He is one of the editors of European Papers.

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Clemens Kaupa

Clemens Kaupa is assistant professor of European law at the VU and co-directs its Climate and Sustainability Law Clinic. His research interests include European climate law, greenwashing and the regulation of carbon offsets.

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Roland Mees

Roland is a director of Sustainable Finance at ING, based in Amsterdam. Roland designed and initiated the Sustainability-Linked Loan. In addition, Roland is professor of practice of Business Ethics at the University of Groningen. Roland has obtained a PhD in practical philosophy and ethics. His research monograph “Sustainable Action and Motivation, Pathways for Individuals, Institutions and Humanity” was published in 2020.

Jacobien Rutgers

Jacobien Rutgers is URC professor of European Private Law. Her research focuses on the interaction between national private law, European law and private international law, in a variety of fields, climate change being one of them.

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David Rossati

David Rossati is an assistant professor of Public International Law at the VU Amsterdam. He has expertise in international climate change law and international economic law with general research interests in the law ad theory of institutional complexes. He regularly advises NGOs on regulatory issues of the UN climate change treaties. His most recent work focuses on the implementation of international climate finance commitments and of the carbon market mechanisms under the Paris Agreement.

Stijn Jonasse
Stijn Jonasse is a lecturer and researcher at the Private Law Department of the VU Amsterdam. His PhD-research is on the possible merits of introducing a strict liability regime for corporate torts, such as oil spills, toxic waste dumping, and gas leaks. The research not only focuses on the normative aspects of strict liability for corporate torts, but also on the possible empirical implications of the introduction thererof.
Coen Hoekstra

Coen Hoekstra is a PhD researcher whose research focuses on the influence of private regulation and soft law on the interpretation of Dutch tort law standards. His research aims to provide guidance in the determination of the applicability of these type of regulation under Dutch tort law and includes a climate change perspective.

Jan Gooijer

Jan Gooijer is assistant professor Tax Law at the VU, and deputy judge at the Lower Court of Noord-Holland, Netherlands. His current research focuses of Environmental, Social and Governance & Tax, with a particular focus on greening the tax system.

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Ioana Ciobanasu

Ioana C. Ciobanasu is a PhD candidate and lecturer of climate change law at VU Amsterdam. Her research focuses on the relationship between regulation, specifically the EU legal regime of corporate sustainability-related disclosure and reporting, and corporate behavior. She is also interested in degrowth and ecological law approaches to climate change law and international economic law.

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